Founders Celebration


UC San Diego’s founders had a vision for a different kind of university: one that would produce scholars who think beyond conventional wisdom to improve the quality of human life. Decades later, that philosophy continues to unite our academic community and encourages great minds to look deeper and achieve the unimaginable. The annual Founders Celebration celebrates their vision and commemorates the day the campus was officially founded in November 1960.

2018: Founders Celebration

UC San Diego Founders Day 2018

2017: Founders Celebration

Revelle Medalist Videos
UC San Diego Founders Day 2017

2016: Resee Everything

Chancellor’s Medalist Video
Revelle Medalist Video
UC San Diego Founders Day 2016

2015: Founders Celebration

Founders 2015 Slideshow

2014: Curiosity, Passion, Transformation

Founders 2014

2013: Tritons United

Chancellor’s Medalist Videos
Revelle Medalist Video
Founders 2013

2012: Investiture of Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla

Chancellor’s Medalist Video
  • Featuring Bob and Betty Beyster, Arthur Brody, Julia Brown, and Peter and Peggy Preuss (Part I, Part II)
Founders 2012

2010: UC San Diego’s 50th Anniversary

Founders 2010 Slideshow